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   Founded in 2004, SFT Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of automation equipment. After years of steady and rapid development, the company now has a design and after-sales team that has been in business for more than 15 years. At present, SFT Technology has mature R&D and manufacturing capabilities of complete automation equipment in LCD and TP products, and has complete technical solutions. In the process of rapid innovation of automation technology, SFT Technology constantly explores advanced foreign countries. Technology, and the transformation of new technologies into the company's research and development innovation, providing customers with quality products and services is the direction we have been working hard. 

   SFT not only takes its own development, but also revitalizes the national enterprise as its responsibility, and strives to develop into a benchmark for this industry. In terms of LCD production equipment, the company has launched LCD automatic production line, roller glue applicator, automatic parallel light exposure machine, automatic PI coating machine, series lift plate curing oven, glass straight line/profile cutting machine, liquid crystal infusion Machines and other products have won the favor of our customers. In terms of TP production equipment, the company has launched products such as slit type coating machine, automatic parallel light exposure machine, series of plate-type hot plate furnace, high-temperature multi-layer solid oven, etc.; SFT's equipment is used in many domestic touch screen manufacturing enterprises. It has been widely used and promoted, and it has quickly gained recognition and trust in the market. In addition to the above products that our company focuses on, other supporting products include glue coating machine, exposure machine, PI coating machine, hot plate furnace, friction machine, dusting machine, screen printing machine, alignment laminating machine, and receiving and sending. Feeders, caching machines, automatic splitting machines, vertical/horizontal liquid crystal filling machines, leveling and sealing machines, slicers, defoamers, etc. also have certain market power and influence in the industry.
   The development of SFT: ancestors, research and technology, dare to be the first, the pursuit of excellence; with advanced research and development technology and advanced production process management, to provide customers with quality equipment and services.