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A trip to Xunliao Bay in June

Time:2019-09-25| Author:Admin

In order to improve employees' leisure life, stability and sense of belonging, the cohesion of the team, and enhance the core force and centripetal force of the body, our company organized a particular trip in June on a sunny day. All the colleagues of Shufeng came to XunLiao Bay with longing and joy, and started trip for two days and one night.

Activity 1:  XunLiao Realman CS Field Battle


Activity 2: An Arrow Club

We went to XunLiao Bay Archery Field before 3pm, Each person have ten arrows to shoot freely after coach warning of the matters needing attention.


Activity 3: Campfire Party

Before the party, we prepared to barbecue. Everyone enjoyed the roast dinner. And after that, we began to prepare our party. And in order to add to the enjoyment of the evening party, we prepared some interesting tools,such as silver bar and rabbit ears. Everything was ready, we began our campfire party,we dancing and singing around the campfire. What a happy night!


Activity 4:Sea Sightseeing

The next day, we gathered at the hotel door, starting our sea sightseeing by bus. What make us excite was that there were many fishing boat and yacht at the sea. So cool!


Activity 5: Leigong Gorge Drift

This activity was a fast and furious tour. Everything was perfect. Everybody enjoyed it. It was an unforgettable journey.